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Kamm's Corners Magazine

Published quarterly, Kamm’s Corners Magazine features news of special interest to the West Park community, highlights neighborhood successes and events, and provides valuable community information. This 32-page publication is wholly supported by our advertisers. For advertising information or other details, contact Marilyn Osborne, Editor in Chief, at 216-252-6559 ext. 1600, or write marilyn.osborne at kammscorners.com.



Spring 2018 Magazine

Spring 2018
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Winter 2018

Winter 2018
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Holiday 2017 Magazine

Holiday 2017
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2017 Summer Magazine

Summer 2017
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Spring 2017 Magazine

Spring 2017
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Winter 2017 Magazine

Winter 2017
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Holiday Magazine 2016

Holiday 2016
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2016 Summer Magazine

Summer 2016
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Spring 2016 Magazine

Spring 2016
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Winter 2016 Magazine

Winter 2016
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Holiday 2015 Magazine

Holiday 2015
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Summer 2015

Summer 2015
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Spring 2015

Spring 2015
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2015 Winter Magazine

Winter 2015
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Holiday 2014 Magazine

Holiday 2014
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2014 Summer Magazine

Summer 2014
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Spring 2014 Magazine

Spring 2014
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Winter 2014 Magazine

Winter 2014
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Holiday Magazine 2013

Holiday 2013
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2013 Summer Magazine

Summer 2013
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Spring 2013

Spring 2013
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Winter 2013

Winter 2013
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Holiday 2012 Issue

Holiday 2012
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Summer Magazine 2012

Summer 2012
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Spring 2012 Magazine

Spring 2012
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Winter 2012 Magazine

Winter 2012
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Holiday 2011

Holiday 2011
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Summer Magazine

Summer 2011
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Spring 2011 Magazine

Spring 2011
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Winter Magazine Cover

Winter 2011
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Holiday Magazine

Holiday 2010
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Summer Magazine Cover

Summer 2010
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Spring Magazine Cover

Spring 2010
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Winter 2010 Magazine

Winter 2010
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Holiday 2009 Magazine

Holiday 2009
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Summer 09 Magazine

Summer 2009
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Spring 09

Spring 2009
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Winter 09 Magazine

Winter 2009
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Holiday Magazine 08

Holiday 2008
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Summer 08 Magazine Cover

Summer 2008
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Spring Magazine

Spring 2008
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Winter 2008 Magazine
Winter 2008
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Holiday Magazine 07
Holiday 2007
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Summer 2007
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Spring 2007
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Winter 2007
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Holiday 2006
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Summer 2006 pages 1-14
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Spring 2006
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Friends of Kamm's Corners

Since 1977, Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation has been working to promote positive changes throughout the business district. When our business community thrives, property values continue to soar. Please support our efforts at making a positive difference in our neighborhood by joining a growing number of residents who have become a “Friend of Kamm’s Corners.” KCDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Dues are tax-deductible at the extent allowable under IRS tax code. Friends also receive discounts at the following participating businesses:

To join, please print and complete our Friends of Kamm's Corners application, and send it with your dues payment to the address shown. We look forward to including you as a Friend!

Kamm's Corners Development has partnered with the Our Lady of Angels Federal Credit Union to make their services available to all Friends of Kamm's Corners! The Credit Union (also with the Sts. Margaret Mary and Gregory Credit Union) is located in Linus Hall adjacent to the Church on Rocky River Drive, and is open Monday evenings only from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. They can be reached on Mondays at 216-252-0665 or via email to president Jim Foos at jfooslaw at sbcglobal.net. Their services include New and Used Car loans as well as personal loans. They are often able to make loans that others are not—and have very competitive rates! You can become a "friend" on the spot right at the credit union office, or use the application link above. For a list of all the rates, click here.

Local Businesses

Some of our local businesses offer discounts to Friends of Kamm's Corners.

Business Members
If your business or professional organization would like to support KCDC and has ties to our community, we invite you to join. Please print, complete, and mail our Business Membership Application.

Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation was established in 1977. For over 35 years, KCDC has been working to promote, develop, and guide the Kamm’s Corners neighborhood as the best place to live, work, shop, worship, and play.

Here is a list of KCDC Business Member benefits:

  • Listing in the Kamm’s Corners Magazine Business Members Directory.
  • Discounts on Kamm’s Corners Magazine advertising.
  • Participation in the Friends of Kamm’s Corners discount card program, if requested.
  • Inclusion in various business networking opportunities such as members mixers.
  • Warm fuzzies that you are supporting the community.

We invite you to join in our efforts as a business member. Please print and complete our Business Membership Application, and send it with your dues payment to the address shown.

More Information

First District Police Community Relations Committee

The First District Police Community Relations Committee meets monthly to discuss incidents of crime in the First District, which encompasses all of Ward 17. The meetings are also an opportunity to speak with police leadership about your specific safety concerns. Meetings are usually held from 7 to 8 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month in the St. Ignatius of Antioch school cafeteria, 10205 Lorain Avenue. All are welcome. To confirm meeting dates and times, call Tammy Hanna, Community Relations Representative, at 2166-664-6634 or email thanna at city.cleveland.oh.us.

West Park Schools Directory

Click here for a handy one-page (front & back) flyer that provides information about our excellent neighborhood schools.


Through a variety of means, we promote the neighborhood. Examples include participating in trade shows, recruiting new businesses, and providing statistical information to businesses interested in locating here. We assist building owners in locating new tenants and keep track of vacancies. As members of Positively Cleveland, we make sure Kamm’s Corners is included in all appropriate promotional material available to Cleveland visitors.

Contact Marilyn Osborne at 216-252-6559 ext. 1600 or marilyn.osborne at kammscorners.com.