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Storefront Renovation Program (SRP)

Kamm's Corners Development Corporation (KCDC) administers the City of Cleveland’s Storefront Renovation Program in the neighborhood retail district. The program offers design and financial assistance to commercial property owners and businesses that comprehensively rehabilitate the exteriors of their buildings.

The goal of the Storefront Renovation Program is to make a visual and economic impact in neighborhood retail districts to keep Cleveland strong and competitive in a regional shopping market. Community Development Block Grant funds provide low interest loans and rebates of as much as $25,000.

The Storefront Renovation Program is not a maintenance program. In order to qualify for the program, the work has to involve making a visible difference in the façade of the building. One of the guidelines is to restore and maintain the architectural integrity of the building. A City Design Specialist provides free assistance toward laying out the scope and design of the improvements.

Since 1992, KCDC working in partnership with public and private entities has completed 66 projects, with an investment of over $2.6 million in exterior renovations. KCDC is committed to maintaining and improving the Kamm’s Corners neighborhood, and is proud to offer the incentive of the Storefront Renovation Program to help revitalize our commercial district. For more information about the program, call Ben Campbell, Director of Commercial & Industrial Development, at 216-252-6559 ext. 1200.

Slideshow featuring storefront improvements and other commercial developments (16.6 MB Power Point Presentation)

Business Revitalization District (BRD)

Kamm’s Corners Local Design Review Advisory Committee

The Kamm’s Corners Business Revitalization District (BRD) is a designated commercial district under the City of Cleveland Zoning Code. To promote quality design throughout the neighborhood, the Kamm’s Corners BRD covers all of Ward 17.

Approval by the Kamm’s Corners Local Design Review Advisory Committee for all new commercial construction and exterior property alterations is required before a Building Permit can be issued. The Kamm’s Corners Local Design Review Advisory Committee is composed of design professionals, business owners, and residents, who have been approved by the City of Cleveland Planning Commission.

In addition to new construction and exterior renovation, the Committee reviews all property improvements that require a permit, such as demolition, landscaping, new signs and awnings to name a few. The Design Review process ensures that the property improvements are compatible with the character of the neighborhood buildings.

The Kamm’s Corners Local Design Review Advisory Committee meets regularly as projects are scheduled. Call Ben Campbell, Director of Commercial & Industrial Development, at 216-252-6559 ext. 1200.

City of Cleveland Permits

It is extremely important to follow the proper permit procedures when making repairs or improvements to your property.  Failure to do so has resulted in improvements being dismantled at the property owners expense because permits were not obtained.  City of Cleveland Online Permitting


Crime Watch

If you see a crime taking place, or if you are the victim of a crime, report it to the police. It doesn't matter how trivial you think it might be—your report might help the police discover a pattern of crime and predict where and when the perpetrator will strike next. Although response times may vary, the police act on every call for service.

To report suspicious activity, download and print the City of Cleveland's Illegal Activity/Problem Report. Don't forget to return it as indicated on the report form.

Police Contact Numbers

Crimes in progress, life-threatening situations.
Non-life-threatening situations, malfunctioning traffic signals, dog warden.
F I R S T   D I S T R I C T
Commander Thomas McCartney 623-5105
Lt. Louis Pipoly — Community Services Unit
Warrant/fugitive sweeps, day/night curfew sweeps, trouble spot complaints, community meetings, citizen contacts, special events.
623-2503 or 623-5111
Sgt. Elias Diaz — Traffic Unit
Traffic, parking, and abandoned vehicles.
Vice Unit
Illicit drugs, liquor establishments, underage alcohol and tobacco sales, prostitution, illegal gambling.
Detective Bureau
Felony investigations, witness statements.

Code Enforcement

The City of Cleveland has the authority and does take legal action against building and zoning code violators.

Kamm's Corners Development Corporation coordinates with the City of Cleveland to address code concerns. It is each property owner’s obligation and responsibility to maintain their property to building and zoning code compliance. Not only does compliance keep property safe and functioning efficiently, but also it greatly enhances neighborhood value and beauty. Well-maintained neighborhoods are the hallmark of Kamm’s Corners—please keep your property maintained!

If you have a code complaint:

You may report code violations directly to the City of Cleveland by calling 216-664-2007.



City of Cleveland Economic Development Department

Growth Capital Corp.

WIRE-Net (Westside Industrial Retention & Expansion Network)