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To facilitate the development and promotion of the West Park neighborhood. In coordination with our partners, we will engage with residents, businesses, institutions, and visitors in elevating the quality of life in our community.

Our Strategic Plan: Vision 2016

Based on survey results and conversations from many people in the community, our Strategic Plan: Vision 2016 is a 61-page document that may be viewed by downloading the 3.94 MB file.

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Kamm's Corners Development Corporation
17407 Lorain Ave, Suite 200
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ph: 216-252-6559
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email: info at kammscorners.com

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Board of Trustees

Kamm's Corners Development Corporation is a story of progress. Since 1977, a volunteer board of trustees has been guiding the efforts of KCDC, resulting in tangible improvements to both the business district and our community. These trustees serve for three-year terms and bring their time and talents together to lead the KCDC staff in moving West Park forward.


President: Mary McGraw
Vice-President: Todd Sheppard
Treasurer: Belinda Pesti
Secretary: Diane Dunleavy


Therese Chambers Arth
Kyle Baker
Gino Bompiede
Karen Cocita
Samantha Fryberger
Katie Hough
John Roche
Melanie Sklarz
Charles Slife


Steve Lorenz, Executive Director
steve.lorenz at kammscorners.com

Ben Campbell, Director of Commercial & Industrial Development
ben.campbell at kammscorners.com

Bill Markowitz, Manager of Residential Property Redevelopment
bill.markowitz at kammscorners.com

Marilyn Osborne, Manager of Marketing and Communications
marilyn.osborne at kammscorners.com

Jackie Wohleber, Manager of Office Operations
jackie.wohleber at kammscorners.com

Staff Bios

Steve Lorenz was hired as Executive Director in June of 2001 after serving as a volunteer on the Board of Trustees for several years. As Director, he is responsible for all KCDC operations. He has lived in the Kamm's Corners neighborhood since 1989.

Ben Campbell joined the staff in April of 2014 with 19 years experience in commercial and industrial development, transportation improvement projects, real estate development, and property acquisition, along with management and renovation of commercial buildings. He lives in Kamm's Corners.

Bill Markowitz has been a resident of the Kamm’s Corners neighborhood since 1970. A core volunteer with the Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market since 2008, he now manages the market. He joined the KCDC staff in August of 2010 and also manages the reclamation and resale of abandoned homes.

Marilyn Osborne joined the KCDC staff in February of 1997 with decades of experience in community relations and publishing. As Manager of Marketing and Communications, she is responsible for KCDC events, membership activities, and media presence. Marilyn is also Editor in Chief of Kamm’s Corners Magazine, published quarterly.

Jackie Wohleber joined the Kamm's Corners team in October 2005, bringing 10 years of administrative experience to the table. Numerous official and non-official duties include bookkeeping, event planning, magazine production support, contract administration, membership and assisting the Executive Director.

The Kamm’s Corners Community

Kamm’s Corners, named after the late 19th century settler, Oswald Kamm, has a long and distinguished history as one of Cleveland’s most desirable and vital neighborhoods. Located on the western border of the city, Kamm’s offers a suburban lifestyle combined with easy access to Downtown Cleveland. Kamm’s Corners features a variety of homes from luxurious to affordable, and has great outdoor recreation with municipal parks and the Metroparks Rocky River Reservation.

Of interest is Oswald Kamm’s General Store and Post Office. Built in 1875, the building is now a historically renovated restaurant and anchors a “village feel” in a suburban setting. A feature article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer stated: “The traditional nuclear family – mom, dad, and the kids – dominates this middle-class neighborhood. With the number of single-parent families exploding in big cities and suburbs, Kamm’s Corners is an urban rarity, a place where the percentage of children living with two parents rivals suburban family havens such as Chagrin Falls, North Olmsted, and University Heights. There are more than 4,000 children here, and 80 percent of them live with mom and dad, by far the highest rate of children growing up in two-parent families in Cleveland, the 2000 census found.” Kamm’s Corners is Cleveland’s suburb in the City!

For more about the history of Kamm's Corners and West Park, including many old photographs, visit Charles Chaney and Gary Swilik's www.westparkhistory.com.

The History of KCDC

Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation is a story of progress—thanks to the people who have been working on behalf of the Kamm’s Corners community for nearly 40 years.

In 1977, a small group of residents and business owners were concerned about the deteriorating condition of the Kamm’s Corners central business district. They realized there was a direct relationship between a community’s businesses and the fortunes of its nearby residential neighborhoods. Something had to be done to reverse a creeping trend of disinvestment.

In June of that year, a steering committee met at Perkins Pancake House (now Gene’s Place) to formalize their good intentions by creating an organization, naming it, and setting up its by-laws. Attending the meeting were:

Pat Boesken, Record Gallery
Russell B. Geiger, Geiger’s Menswear
Thomas M. Keane, Councilman, Ward 4 (Kamm's Corners area)
Ed Ross, Fairview Hospital
Howard Schreibman, Schreibman Jewelers
Carolyn Verlie, City of Cleveland, Division of Economic Development
Michael F. Wish ("Mayor of Kamm's Corners", "Dr. Wish"), Kamm’s Barbershop

That organization was called Kamm’s Area Development Corporation and it was abbreviated KAMCO. Howard Schreibman was elected its first chairman of the board, and Carolyn Verlie was the first executive director.

Other early leaders included Bob Bohr, Steve Campanella, Norma Buchwald, Chuck Humbert, Paul Gelman, Deanna Hiros, and Dan Chambers. Their mission was to foster the growth and development of Kamm’s Corners.

Many development corporations were being formed throughout Cleveland around that time. It was, and remains today, an efficient way to administer government programs, foster targeted development, and advocate for the neighborhood. What was originally primarily a Chamber of Commerce style merchants’ group has grown into the diversified non-profit corporation known today as Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation.

Today, the organization has a volunteer board of twelve people and four full-time and two part-time employees. The board consists of neighborhood residents, merchants, and business people as it always has – a hardworking group that has the interest of the neighborhood as their highest priority.

It is clear that our efforts have resulted in tangible improvement in our business district over the years. We have developed an organized approach to helping the businesses and residents take advantage of programs that will continue our success and growth for many years to come. Our efforts include strategic planning, creative marketing, and careful use of available resources that aid in our mission. This approach has enabled us to build an efficient organization and provide superior service to our community.

It is appropriate to conclude this brief history by expressing the deep gratitude we feel toward the many people who contribute to the success of Kamm's Corners through membership in our organization as business members or as Friends of Kamm’s Corners. We know they share our pride. We have come a long way together. With the continued support of Councilman Martin J. Keane and the City of Cleveland, we believe the best is yet to come!


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